Family Reunion – By Marcus van Wyk

OH Davos again bring the bling

Feasts are arranged for the elite

For them to eat only the best

The crumbs for the rest of us

The world forgotten again

As the rules are made for them

Oh Davos one big family reunion

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Curse Of The Gods

If the Egyptians knew that the sun was just the sun, would they still have worshipped it? If the Aztecs knew it, would they still have sacrificed their children to it? This goes for all the civilizations who had a religious and cultural interest in the sun, the moon or the stars or anything else for that matter.

Today we know the truth about the sun, the moon and the stars and we abstain from sacrificing our children to it in the crude name of servanthood and obedience. We know now that the sun is a ‘ball of gas’ not a god. We could say our thinking has evolved with the facts. But has it? The amount of sacrificing still being done in the name of a god is astonishing and disturbing.

A god could be anything, a plant, a human, an animal, a deity, a relic, money, power, or ideology. Worshipping at the altar of the god and making the necessary sacrifices are important to please the god. There is a primitive gravitational attraction to the god. Money is paid to see the god, we sacrifice our money. Kids are told that ‘the ways of their god’ are the best, and there is no other way, so they sacrifice their kids’ minds by not allowing them to explore the greater world. People are told to blow themselves up in the name of a god and take as many people with them as possible and so people are sacrificed at the altar of the god.

Trump says people must be sacrificed at the altar for the ‘wall god’. They ‘will adjust’ he says. So, people are sacrificed at the ‘wall altar’. Wealth and motivational gurus tell people to sacrifice a shit load at the altar to reach their god otherwise disaster will follow. People set themselves up as the gods of this and the gods of that and then proceed to pull all the ignorant worshippers to the alter to sacrifice, their money, their time and their lives.

But if we knew that the god we worship is not what it seems, will we still worship and sacrifice to it?  I am just asking.

Marcus van Wyk

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Think For Your Self!

When it is so easy to get our thinking done for us, the big temptation is not to think.  We glance at the newspaper headlines and let them form our opinions, and neglect to read the articles in the monthly magazine that would give us the meat on the subject.  We listen to a few minutes of the radio and flatter ourselves that we know about the politics.  We read a review of a movie and decide that we don’t need to see the movie itself.

These are the temptations of the average person today, but if you have read this far, I assume that you are above the average person.  I am daring you to know at least one thing well.  What is it?  Make your decision and then determine to know that one thing well, better than anyone else.  In doing this you will have to think.  No one is going to get far these days unless they think for themselves.  Your mind is yours and does not belong to anybody else.


Best regards

Marcus van Wyk





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The Measure Of Success, As I Ran My Hand Over Her Beautiful Body.

I ran my hand over her beautiful body. Soft as silk she was, as she asked me to stroke her again. I was ready to slip in and drive her crazy. She kept her motor clean, the cleanest I had seen on any motor. This was the finest moment of my measure of success. “Let’s do it I said to her, god I am so ready”.

She opened her door, I slid in, she needed no key, I just had to press the right button. She purred when I pressed the button, I could feel her trembling with power and anticipation. She took me in, she stroked me with her leathers, I shuddered with pleasure.  She said to me ” wait! do you have some music we could play?” I said “yes baby I have ACDC, you shook me all night long”.  I put it on loud.

Off we went, she screamed, “more, go faster Marcus”!  Eventually, we were done and we returned to the showroom.  I said to the salesman  “I will take her home now”.   The salesman loved it because he liked watching a relationship develop.

I signed the papers and drove my new car home.

The moral of the story is that sales is an involvement sport, not a spectator sport.

Marcus van Wyk





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Words are just words, stringed together to make a message. A message is just a message from a string of words. Words are just words. You can be upset, annoyed, but it is just words. You can choose any words, they are just words. You have choice over those words, but they are just words. Words don’t have the power over you. You have the power over it.



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How to get promoted and climb the corporate ladder

Follow my instructions and win, and remember it’s bosses who promote you!

1. Never hideaway, sit as close to the boss as possible because the distance is a weakness. The closer you are to the boss the more influence you have.

2. Become the most important person to the boss. You become this by meeting your objectives quickly and efficiently, you also become an important person by sharing ideas, and making the boss look good. Bosses loooove good ideas.

3. Don’t be the ‘small’ person. – Small minded people hide away, become the big person who always meets the objectives set, and you will be trusted. In meetings start making measurable contributions and suggestions. Never gossip or become negative in the meetings, always find the solutions. You will ‘stick out’ by doing this. This I assure you of..

4. Know your enemies – Divide them and conquer them. Your enemies are weak, and are easily divided because the weak are only good as their weaknesses. Enemies can only gossip, the first sign of weakness. Turn that to your advantage.

5. Get into the inner circle of power – there is a lot of influence in that circle to get what you need and want. Only trusted people get into the inner circle, so start building a trust relationship with your boss and soon enough you will be in that circle.

Marcus van Wyk

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Leading With Emotional Intelligence.

Leadership is fundamentally about facilitating high performance, getting others to do things effectively and efficiently. One of the most important applications of emotional intelligence is in helping leaders foster a workplace climate conducive to high performance. These workplaces yield significantly higher productivity, retention, and profitability, and emotional intelligence appears key to this competitive advantage. There is a wealth of literature detailing with the impact emotion has on individuals’ performance. This research has shown for example, that people perform their best at work when they feel involved in purposeful work that develops who they are when they feel valued, cared for, consulted, respected, informed and understood.

This research has also shown that people often perform their worst when they feel unproductive feelings such as feeling overly worried, frustrated, concerned, stressed, inadequate and fearful. Research has shown that emotions influence our decisions, behaviour and performance. This influence can be both conscious (that is we are aware of it) and non-conscious (that is we aren’t aware of it). Research has shown that we are typically not conscious of the influence emotion is having on our decisions, behaviour and performance about 85% of the time. Finally, science has also shown us that emotions can influence us in these areas in productive and unproductive ways.



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