How Not To Get Destroyed In Your Company.

I have had some interaction with people who say that people can be ‘destroyed’ in their companies. Well,  I have another view all together. Someone can only destroy you if you give them permission to do so.  That means you have to give in to the abuse being aimed at you, or you don’t have to give in.  The more the abuser sees that they can abuse you mentally the more they see you as a slave that can be used, abused, thrown way or sold.

Now, before you make a silly judgment about me like someone on LinkedIn today who said to me in that idiotic self righteous, assumption tone  ‘Clearly you have not worked in the corporate world or reality‘.  I have and I still do!  I have worked with ‘them all’ if you know what I mean. 

Carrying on, you have two options: Flee or fight. If you are going to flee then flee. Honestly, it is more about what you will become if you don’t resign than what will happen to you if you do resign. OK that’s out of the way.

If you are going to fight then fight. It can be done if you know who you are and that you are just as powerful as that loser abuser. Never THINK that you have no power. You DO!

Who are you?  You are a breathing living human with a will to choose. The first thing is to get away from that slave mentality of yours. Slaves don’t have plans. If you don’t
have a plan of your own, then you are working to secure someone else’s plan. STOP ACTING AND TALKING LIKE A SLAVE. When you joined your company, you were not SOLD INTO SLAVERY FROM ONE OWNER TO THE NEXT.

Begin to develop your emotional intelligence (EQ), it has twice the power of your IQ to drive your performance AND GET THINGS DONE. The more you develop your EQ the more you will begin to be self-aware, aware of others, self managed, self-controlled, inspired, motivated. You will become strong, fearless, courageous.

It is YOUR choice!!

Marcus van Wyk



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How To Climb The Corporate Ladder Successfully! A Must Read!

Each step on the ladder represents something you become rather than something you do….Some people become successful dictators on the way up…
A ladder has steps for a reason. You must climb, one step at a time. The way you treat people on the way to the top is the way they will treat you when you get there to get you down or keep you there.
Each step on the ladder represents something you become rather than something you do. We know you are climbing up because that is what you DO. Some people become successful dictators on the way up, while some people become successful leaders and humans on the way up. Being successful as a human being is more important than just being a successful human being.
Focussing on what you are becoming as you climb the ladder is vitally important. Self-Awareness of you and awareness of others is fundamental.
I am not sure where you are in the climb. But whatever step you are on, let this step be something you become. Hear me out, your IQ makes you head of a department, your developed emotional intelligence (EQ) makes you the president in the eyes of others. That is a powerful thing if you are positioned like that in the mind of others. Mindshare! Your EQ has twice the power of your IQ to guide your performance. Developed emotional intelligence provides you with power and competence. Your developed EQ provides thinking of exploration, not exploitation. Leaders with a high developed EQ make more ethical and compliant decisions. Emotion can lead to our worst decisions or our best ones, the difference is emotional intelligence. Many people get to the top but staying there is a problem. The climb to the top becomes easier with a developed emotional intelligence. Your highly developed EQ will always point you in the right direction to interpret the events around you. It will help you be patient, observant, accurate. – Thank you for reading. Marcus van Wyk
Enrol now for a short online course in LEADING WITH EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE.

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Your EQ And Your Common Sense.

Henry Mintzberg, a professor of management at McGill university said ‘ Management is a curious phenomenon. It is generously paid, enormously influential, and significantly devoid of common sense’

I believe that the development of your emotional intelligence can provide you as a leader with common sense. Enrol now and prepare for the new year as a leader.

You Can

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Your EQ Is That Magic Ingredient!

That’s right, the ingredient of emotional intelligence.

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1st In Africa


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Exposing The 5 Risks In Marcus’ Online Training. Leading with Emotional Intelligence.

  1. Monetary risk: You will not lose your money. This is an investment with great personal returns.
  2. Functional risk: The online platform works. It’s easy to use and study.
  3. Physical risk: Unless you put your finger a live wall socket, I can’t see any physical risk.
  4. Social risk: Your peers and friends will be highly impressed with your choice of online training. Your emotional intelligence will be greatly improved.
  5. Psychological risk: Learning to be a great leader has no down side psychological risks.
  1. You Can


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Examine Your Leadership, Your Decisions, And Motives.

Leading with EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE in Africa, for Africa, for African Excellence. – Online

You Can

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