I dont work for anybody else’s plan!!

If you don’t have a life plan, then you are working to secure someone else’s plan. And believe me when I tell you, that they don’t have much planned for you.Your are a SLAVE to helping other people become rich and secure and reaching their goals!!. They have all the nice holidays, they have all the money and things whilst you do all the work to get them to their plan with a meagre income.

Makes you think doesn’t it.!  Its only because you don’t have a PLAN.

Get out of your comfort zone, stop moaning, stop making excuses, start doing scary things ,look carefully at the signs if your company is going to survive, don’t worry about the opinions of others, stop so much thinking and do more.

Design your plan, do it, and do it now!!



About Marcus van Wyk - Inspire Motivate Challenge

Marcus is a leading South African and African Speaker, Teacher, Assessor and Author, in the sciences of applied emotional intelligence for leadership, sales, and workplace human development. He is regarded as one of the most influential speakers on the African continent in regard to emotional intelligence in organisational and human development. Marcus is a thought provocateur, and asks why, how, when and what?. He believes deeply in challenging the status quo in everything spiritually, socially, physically and mentally. He speaks and teaches with experience about getting ahead in a competitive environment with the greatest assets of an organisation - their PEOPLE! He remains a powerful solution finder and GAME CHANGER!! for you the CEO, director and manager. Call 0828554383 or email marcus@marcusvanwyk.com or contact Karin Clark at 0824680221 or karin@marcusvanwyk.com
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