5 loaves 2 fish and 5 thousand people


‘measure your powers not your problems’

That is the story of Jesus feeding the 5 thousand whether you believe it or not. Those people had to be fed. You need to stop looking at that story as just a story. Let’s look at the real significance of it.  The five loaves and two fish represent your resources in life. The five thousand people represent the ‘impossibility’ of a task ahead.

You need to stop focusing on the ‘impossibility’ of the task ahead and start focusing on the possibility of the resources you have to do the task.The disciples were like ‘how’ are we going to feed them?  They were completely focused on the ‘impossibility’ of the situation.

You have resources, they may be small but effective. Dr Jay T Stocking said ‘ it’s not the miracle of feeding the thousands, but the attitude that takes account of the resources possessed rather than the difficulties presented, in other words measure your powers not your problems”

Focus on your resources, not the crowd or the size of your problems. You have resources, they may be small but you have them. The story goes further, when the people had eaten enough, the disciples filled twelve baskets of food left over.  Which brings me to one of the very best quotes ‘Our most valuable possessions are those which can be shared without lessening, those which, when shared, multiply. Our least valuable possessions are those which when divided are diminished.’

Your resources are valuable, share them.It could be Mental, Physical, Social or Spiritual.

Imagine if Jesus said ‘these fish are mine’.  We wouldn’t be talking about this today and five thousand people would’ve gone hungry.


Marcus van Wyk



About Marcus van Wyk - Inspire Motivate Challenge

Marcus is a leading and legendary South African and African Speaker, Teacher, and Assessor in the science of Emotional Intelligence for leadership, and workplace human development. He has 35 years experience which includes executive and non-executive directorships in South Africa and the UK. He is regarded as one of the most influential speakers on the African continent in regards to organisational and human development. Call 0828554383 or email marcus@marcusvanwyk.com or contact Karin Clark at 0824680221 or karin@marcusvanwyk.com
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