Your EQ And Your Vision As A Leader.

Without vision people perish. Your highly developed emotional intelligence will provide you with unusual clarity about your work and your life.  Normal ‘myopic clarity’ is usually just a lack of foresight or insight.  Unusual clarity is when you can effectively see your vision and turn it into action so that everybody understands it and nobody gets lost in translation.  

Intelligently managing your emotions is the key to creating unusual clarity about your vision. Emotional intelligence is a set of skills that will help you better perceive, understand and manage emotions in yourself and in others. Collectively they help you make intelligent responses to, and use of, emotions.  These skills are as important as your intellect (IQ) in determining success at work and in your life. Emotions influence, both productively and unproductively, your decisions, behaviour, performance and vision. 

To think clearly about and designing your vision requires highly a developed emotional intelligence. It’s a daily walk, not a temporary FAD. 

People buy into a vision emotionally first. You have to manage emotions in them effectively as well. If you suffer from toxic ‘myopic clarity’ it will rub off on the people around you negatively. The blind leading the blind.

If you have ‘unusual clarity’ it will inspire people to achieve greater things than ever.

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About Marcus van Wyk - Inspire Motivate Challenge

Marcus is a leading South African and African Speaker, Teacher, Assessor, and Author, in the sciences of applied emotional intelligence for human development. Marcus is a certified emotional intelligence practitioner with Genos International. He is the founder of THE AFRICAN EQ NETWORK, a platform of ideas, training and human assessments dedicated to the advancement of emotional intelligence in Africa, for Africa, for African excellence. Marcus speaks to organizations on the African continent with experience in human development and getting ahead in a competitive environment with their greatest assets – their PEOPLE! Invite Marcus to your organization for a fascinating engagement on emotional intelligence. Call 0828554383 or email or contact Karin Clark at 0824680221 or
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