The day I killed in the name of the revolution was my best day ever.

REVIt was the morning of the revolution. There was excitement in me because I was ready to kill.  To be a revolutionary I had to be a cold-hearted killer. I was ready. No fear, no favour. I was on the hunt for the dictator enemy that sat in the seat of power. I knew that killing the dictator was the only revolutionary way. I knew that the enemy was corrupt. The hunt for the dictator started. Every step I took reminded me of what the dictator did to me in the past. Eventually I found the dictator still sitting comfortably in the office.  It noticed me, it saw my hatred, my loathing for it. I lunged at it without warning and I stuck my weapon into it. I just wounded it. I had to be more ruthless and accurate. So we engaged again in a powerful struggle. It was looking at me in total disbelief and screamed at me ‘ how dare a slave try to overthrow me’.  I ignored the screaming and just plunged and plunged my weapon into the dictator with absolute revolutionary fervour.

After the initial fight back the dictator began to run, like the coward it is.  It realised that it could no longer hold on to power at that moment. Then as I was chasing after it to kill it, it suddenly stopped. I was surprised and I momentarily stopped as well. The dictator then spoke to me again, with blood coming from all the places where I wounded it.  It said ‘can we negotiate?’ I wasn’t surprised. One thing about the enemy is that it knows how to slow things down if it has to.  I responded by saying ‘no, no more negotiations’.  The dictator began screaming at me ‘do you know who I am?’, it went on screaming ‘say my name slave, say it!!’.  At that point my anger boiled and I pulled out my longest sword and calmly walk up to the dictator and said ‘kneel before me’.  In utter disbelief that I was so cocky and brave it kneeled.  With one blow I chopped of its head. Standing over it I said its name ‘Your name is procrastination, and you are no longer in the seat of power’.

Marcus van Wyk


About Marcus van Wyk - Inspire Motivate Challenge

Marcus is a leading South African and African Speaker, Teacher, Assessor and Author, in the sciences of applied emotional intelligence for leadership, sales, and workplace human development. He is regarded as one of the most influential speakers on the African continent in regard to emotional intelligence in organisational and human development. Marcus is a thought provocateur, and asks why, how, when and what?. He believes deeply in challenging the status quo in everything spiritually, socially, physically and mentally. He speaks and teaches with experience about getting ahead in a competitive environment with the greatest assets of an organisation - their PEOPLE! He remains a powerful solution finder and GAME CHANGER!! for you the CEO, director and manager. Call 0828554383 or email or contact Karin Clark at 0824680221 or
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