Nothing else, but TRANSFORMATION. Before you read further, be honest with yourself.  What do you think of life anyway?  What do you think of yourself?  Are you satisfied that your people are carrying responsibility equal to their capacity?  Do you want to transform yourself and your company.

Transformation starts with each individual. Inside. That is where companies transform themselves. THEIR PEOPLE. Don’t build new buildings, build a new people. The soul of a company attracts that which it secretly harbours.

Your people are your secret, the weapon, the mainstay, the foundation. What does your company attract?


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Well developed EQ leads to good corporate governance

Until thought is linked with purpose there is no intelligent accomplishment. Achieving good corporate governance is intelligent accomplishment. Not necessarily achieved just with high IQ but also with the driving force of high emotional intelligence. The achievement of good corporate governance is part of any leaders’ purpose in the company. The skills and competencies that are developed by high emotional intelligence seem to be one of the foundational cornerstones that lead to the achievement of good corporate governance.  There is also a significant cost to bad corporate governance.

High developed EQ helps with thinking, thinking leads to unusual clarity. A leader must lift their thinking above the slavish ordinary thoughts of the individuals who are comfortable on their plateau. These individuals are only driven by immediate self-interest, their thoughts not linked with overall purpose yet.

Unusual clarity leads to better perception and management of emotions and that leads to better actions for the creation of good corporate governance. A high developed EQ will further ensure better decision-making in balancing the interests of a company’s many stakeholders such as managers, customers, suppliers, financiers, government and the community.  EQ skills such as self-control, self- awareness, awareness of others, authenticity, emotional reasoning, self management, and inspiring performance is the crown to glorious achievement.

In an era of unprecedented business challenge, these EQ skills matter like never before.

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The Laws of Thought

Law 1. What ever you plant in your mind will grow according to its own kind. You are the maker of you. You are the gardener. Your character is what it is because of you. If you think in a specific way so it will be and you will begin act that way. As a person thinks in their mind so they shall be.

Law 2. You are in control of your thoughts. No matter what you read or see, it still remains in your power to plant the seed to grow. Create a filter through which to receive information. Make your own opinions. Don’t just believe everything you see and hear. Whoever thinks they can own your thoughts will own your life. You are in  control. Political parties, governments, media, companies, and religion, realise that if they want ‘market share’, they will need ‘mindshare’. Your mind, your share.

Law 3. Improvement. if you want to change your circumstances you need to change yourself. You are one with your circumstances. You are in harmony with it. That means change the way you think. Your circumstances will never change if you don’t change. ‘The unexamined life is not worth living’ said Socrates. Personal sacrifices must be made by you. Many people moan about what’s keeping them back from reaching their goals, but many of them don’t even have defined goals. Improvement starts in the mind.

Law 4 Empowerment.The literal translation of the word POWER is the ability or
capacity to act or do something effectively. I have so often seen people shout and scream in protest to not being or feeling empowered. Empowerment is not something that is
bestowed upon you as if you are some King or Queen. You don’t need a person to bestow some magical empowerment upon you. If you wait around for empowerment, it means that you believe the lie of other people, things, and habits having power over you. You believe that you have ‘no power’, that you are ‘powerless’. Therefore, you are a slave. Never believe that lie. People, things,and habits have no power over you. YOU have that power over you .The day you empower yourself, is the day you break free from the people, things, and habits that aim to hold you back from your full potential. Make the decision to empower YOURSELF.

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You Were Not Born To Be A SLAVE

Stop moving from one ‘hand-out’ to the next, because that is what being a slave is all about. Slaves don’t have plans. If you don’t have a plan of your own, then you are working to secure someone  else’s plan. They have power over you. NO ONE should have power over you, NO ONE!  Start renewing your mind, think on things that can get you to
the top of your game. Break the chains of your slave mentality, because you are better than what you think you are. Begin to carve out a plan. Look at wealth creation for yourself as depending on a salary alone isn’t a wealth creation plan. Start creating options for yourself.


Design your plan. Do it and do it now, because it’s never too late. One of the keys to success is to always pursue success with all your might. Many people do and many people don’t. Those who do not pursue success relentlessly are SLAVES. Now, you might ask, “what type of SLAVES?” Well, slaves unto their own perceived limitations. As a result, they have conditioned themselves to a total limited life. Can’t do this, can’t do that, because of this or that. Always the excuse, never the solution. They are TOTAL SLAVES of their limited thinking. Watch those who make it big — they are the masters. They tell the mind how to think, they are not slaves subjected to some limited thinking process. They work hard and smart — again and again.  Become the master, control the game, set the rules. Let poverty  become your slave, not the other way around. Start daring yourself
to kick ass. Kick the door down and introduce yourself. Pursue  success relentlessly and win.

— Frederick Douglass.

Best regards, Marcus van Wyk

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Emotion and cold calling. A MUST READ!!

I have trained many sales people in cold calling. I have found that it is not really the cold call itself that is the problem for the sales person but the emotion that is generated within in the sales person. Just the thought of ‘COLD CALLING’ raises enough negative emotions and causes stress arousal to the point where it affects sales people physiologically.  Thoughts bring emotions and emotions drive actions. Inaction on the part of sales people who are employed to do the job of cold calling brings a whole new set of problems for the organisation.

Cold calling can be a challenging activity for many sales people, except for the emotionally intelligent. A major study showed that top performing sales people are 12 times more productive than those at the bottom and 85% more productive than an average sales performer. About one-third of this difference is due to technical and cognitive ability and two-thirds was due to emotional competence. The evidence is increasingly compelling. The measurable learnable skills of emotional intelligence makes a significant impact on the sales performance.It is a key driver of performance.

If your sales people change their thoughts, it will change their emotions and it will change their actions. But it needs cutting edge intervention. I have that for you!

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5 loaves 2 fish and 5 thousand people

‘measure your powers not your problems’ That is the biblical story of the feeding the 5 thousand, whether you believe the story or not. Those people had to be fed. Let’s look at the real significance of the story.  The five loaves and two fish represent your resources in life. The five thousand people represent the ‘impossibility’ of a task ahead.

Stop focusing on the ‘impossibility’ of the task ahead and start focusing on the possibility of the resources you have to do the task. Emotional intelligence is one of those resources.  Dr Jay T Stocking said ‘ it’s not the miracle of feeding the thousands, but the attitude that takes account of the resources possessed rather than the difficulties presented, in other words measure your powers not your problems”

Focus on your resources, not the crowd or the size of your problems.

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Forward movement

‘Many false step was made by standing still’ – Fortune Cookie

Forward movement requires action. Actions come from emotions, emotions come from thoughts. Don’t stop thinking. Think critically. Think clearly. Think positively. Renew your mind. Make time to think. Question everything. Search everything.  A stagnant mind is one of the greatest obstacles to progress.

When you take action, it might be easier to ask for forgiveness than permission because you did think clearly. Move forward and learn.

Book Africa’s leading speaker and teacher in applied emotional intelligence.



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